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Although the origin of life is largely still a mystery, in the currently prevailing theory, known as the RNA world hypothesisearly RNA molecules would have been the basis for catalyzing organic chemical reactions and self-replication. For bacterii unicelulare, an early RNA replicator ribozyme may have replicated other replicator ribozymes of different RNA sequences if not kept separate.

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It can take a century for a stromatolite to grow 5 cm. However, about 80 different species can undergo a sexual process referred to as natural genetic transformation.

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Examples of these Archaean extremophiles are as follows: Thermophilesoptimum growth temperature of 50 °C °C, including the genera PyrobaculumPyrodictiumPyrococcusThermus aquaticus and Melanopyrus.

Prokaryotic cells probably transitioned into eukaryotic cells between 2.


In contrast to prokaryotes, eukaryotes reproduce by using mitosis and meiosis. Sex appears to be a ubiquitous and ancient, and inherent attribute of eukaryotic life.

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The endosymbiotic theory holds that mitochondria and chloroplasts have bacterial origins. Both organelles contain their own sets of DNA and have bacteria-like ribosomes. It is likely that modern mitochondria were once a species similar to Rickettsiawith the parasitic ability to enter a cell.

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Photosynthesis and respiration are essentially the reverse of one another, and the advent of respiration coupled with photosynthesis enabled much greater access to energy than fermentation alone.

Protozoa[ edit ] Paramecium tetraurelia, a ciliate, with oral groove visible Protozoa are largely defined by their bacterii unicelulare of locomotion, including flagellaciliaand pseudopodia. Examples include ParameciumStentorsand Vorticella.

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The Amebozoa utilize pseudopodia and cytoplasmic flow to bacterii unicelulare in their environment. Entamoeba histolytica is the cause of amebic dysentery. Chlorophyta green algaemostly unicellular algae found in bacterii unicelulare water.

Fungi are found in most habitats, although most are found on land. It has been used to research cancer and neurodegenerative diseases as well as to understand the cell cycle. Candida spp.

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However, some unicellular protists and bacteria are macroscopic and visible to the naked eye.

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